Responsive Web Design

Everyone has their favorite device. Be it a laptop, tablet, or phone, people spend most of their time perusing websites using their go-to gadget.

When a business has a stagnant website that wasn’t built using a “responsive” design, visitors are often stuck viewing pages that are cut-off and require long scrolling both up and down and side to side in order to see all the content on their particular screen. It’s frustrating and typically makes visitors quickly leave the site never getting to your call to action and never making a purchase.

The fix for this is easy: have your website developed with a responsive design.This technology detects the size of the device and screen the visitor is using and adjusts the way the website is displayed accordingly. It’s neater, cleaner, and so much more user-friendly.

Top Reasons for Using Responsive Designs

With the staggering growth of mobile usage it has now become absolutely essential that your business website is mobile friendly. Responsive design is the best approach for a number of reasons.


InfoStream Expert Responsive Designers

InfoStream has extensive experience helping business in just about any industry, present a beautiful responsive website that promotes a call to action and effectively leads site visitors where you want them to go, regardless of the device they are using.

And here’s a bonus: Google recognizes responsive websites in their search ranking algorithms with high regard. That means you’ll get found faster when your website is a responsive design.

Faq About Responsive Web Design

Our Responsive Design Gallery

To learn more about the benefits of responsive design in your industry, contact the InfoStream team. Want to see some responsive sites we’ve designed in action? Check them on our gallery.