InfoStream creates a custom web design to best represent your business brand online. We are well known for our ability to create an accurate impression of your company through vibrant and creative custom web design. Making your business command attention online is an intricate mix of innovative website and graphic design, persuasive branding, interactive tools and search engine optimization. InfoStream has fine-tuned this process of creative and effective website development to benefit your business and bring you customers. Check out our work.

InfoStream approaches website development with the future in mind. Our websites are easily adaptable and will evolve with your business as you grow. Say goodbye to outdated information! We make websites that are unique, but easy to update and manage on your own.

InfoStream Web Design Process

infostream web development process

Web design development process

Stage 1 - Project Kickoff

The InfoStream team will tell the story of your business through creative custom web design. This is only the beginning, and it’s all about discovery. What is your business about? What does your business bring customers that no other can?

Uncovering the elements and design features that best represent your brand online is a crucial step in the website design and development process. Web design is not only about a smooth and easy user experience – usability is the No. 1 desired factor in a new website – but it is your digital storefront for customer interactions. We want to optimize the opportunity for exposure to your business online to support your digital marketing with the right design for your brand.

During this web project kickoff phase, our web design experts spend time understanding what makes your company successful and the products or services your customers need to find online. From evaluation of marketing materials to competitor analysis and creative review, our team procures a solid plan for crafting a new custom designed website. Working together, InfoStream’s digital marketing and website design team prepares for creating proofs in the next stage of your website project.

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Stage 2 - Design Proofing

Impactful web design accurately represents your business online, encourages engagement with customers, and is easy to use on any device. As digital technology expands and evolves, so must your online presence. InfoStream’s team of expert web designers and digital marketing experts produce a creative and functional website design that will easily adjust and grow with your business.

The proofing phase of our web process drives the creative direction of the project. We work together, using your input and feedback to craft the right website for your business. Don’t worry, web design proofing is a creative process but also engaging. You’re a part of the design discussions and we tweak and evolve our designs to suit your input – getting design right before we build your website.

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Stage 3 - Development

Website development is the creation of elements and functionality that make your site work. Users can expect an intuitive and streamlined site, and be clear about what your business does and provides.

Development means building a website using the latest technology and tools that provide easy editing for you in the future: We want you to have full control of your business website.

final review website

Stage 4 - Final Review

Website development is not complete until your business team reviews the entire website. In this final phase of the project, InfoStream hands over the new site for your consideration and approval. Before we roll it out to your customers and drive new users to your business, all content, images, functionality and design is approved by you.

InfoStream’s website design team has built over 300 websites for Toledo and Northwest Ohio’s businesses, large and small. We have served educational organizations and non-profits, service providers and product-makers all over Toledo over the past 10 years. As we guide you through your website development project from web design to final review, know you are in good (creative, expert, innovative) hands.

Unique Web Design Strategy

Remember, our custom website design is not comprised of just impressive graphics and images; it is intuitive to what your customer wants. So our strategy involves understanding what users do online, and how to drive them to your website and business is an effective approach to website design. Our team identifies the best online market opportunity for your company by getting to know your business, your competition, and your customers.

When considering a custom web design project for your business or organization, we must ask: What is your goal? Do you want to gain new customers, and get leads from your website? Do you want to heighten your credibility online, and promote your business success and longevity? Do you want to support your current customers and provide information to new customers? As InfoStream works with you to understand your online customer and website market.

InfoStream’s web design experience and success has shown:

  • Intuitive navigation keeps visitors on your site
  • Effective SEO (search engine optimization) content adds value to your business
  • Utilizing Google best practices allows us to achieve the best possible SEO results
  • Creative, custom design enhances your marketing efforts, business image and value online

Reaching new customers with an engaging custom website design is possible only with an easy-to-use and easy-to-find website. InfoStream Solutions combines intuitive navigation for your web users, and search engine optimization (SEO) for Google, to create an effective online presence for your business. See what an InfoStream website can do for your business. Connect with us today and get started.


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