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You’ve heard time and time again that SEO, or search engine optimization, is the only way to increase the amount of traffic you get on your Wordpress website. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your website looks, if it’s not optimized for SEO, your target audience probably won’t see it.

What exactly is SEO anyways? It is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of website traffic through organic search (organic meaning traffic you don’t have to pay for). SEO trends change constantly because search engines like Google change their algorithms often.

Learning SEO for wordpress yourself can be tricky and involves a lot of research, but it’s not impossible! There are several ways you can optimize your wordpress site all on your own. Some of our favorite techniques are:


Pick a theme optimized for search engines

You may have thought your theme was only there to make your site look pretty, but you theme has a bigger effect on your site as a whole. Your theme is arguably the most important choice you can make when designing your website. The theme will affect your site’s speed, which is vital in search rankings. If a user has to wait for your page to load, they will leave.

There are two factors to consider when looking for an SEO friendly theme: site speed and proper HTML code. Good news, there are plenty of themes available that fit the bill, so you won’t have to compromise your dream layout for stellar SEO.


Use Google Analytics from the start

Google Analytics is a 100% free analytic tool offered by Google. It will allow you to see the number of visitors on your site, their behaviors, interests, locations, and much more.

Google Analytics has more data available to you than you will probably needs. It is incredibly detailed and can help you find 404 error pages, the source of your traffic, and more! There are several tutorials online to help you get your site set up for Google Analytics.


Structure your content around strong keywords

If you’ve ever dabbled in the SEO world, odds are the one thing you remember is the importance of keywords. Keywords are short phrases that describe the topic of the content on a webpage. They are used in blog posts, titles, and headings.

Before you settle on a keyword, it’s vital to do thorough, in-depth research. If you use a keyword that is too common or generic, your site will get lost in the shuffle. However, if you use one that is to specific, you may be limiting the amount of traffic on your website.

Keywords should flow naturally throughout the content on a page, don’t try to fit too many keywords on one page- that’s called keyword stuffing.


Use a Wordpress SEO plugin

One of the best features about Wordpress is the plugins option. Plugins are added software that you can add to your site for both design and functionality. Yoast SEO is a popular SEO plugin that helps you easily optimize your site. From free to premium versions, there is an option for all of your needs!

It can be daunting to try to tackle SEO for your Wordpress site, but our 4 best practices should point you in the right direction. Still have some questions? The team at InfoStream Solutions would be happy to help. We eat, sleep, and breath SEO and have more tricks up our sleeves to fully optimize your site. Get started with a competitive site today!