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With 2022 just around the corner and the world pulling out of the challenges of 2020 and 2021, your company needs to take a good, hard look at its digital marketing strategies. To make sure you are ready for what 2022 brings, consider these five trends that are coming down the pike.

  1. AI Becoming More Central

Up until recently, artificial intelligence has been an idea, but not a central part of digital marketing. As competition for high-ranking spots on Google intensifies, the demand for AI to help achieve that is going to increase. In fact, in 2021, 86% of companies indicated that AI would be a mainstream technology within their firms by the end of the year, and many aspects of that are in the digital marketing field.

  1. Podcasts as a Marketing Tool

Podcasts are becoming increasingly important in the digital marketing world. While podcasts are designed to entertain and inform, they can also be part of the digital marketing toolbox. Marketers can provide entertaining or informative podcasts, then weave their marketing message into it to encourage more sales or contacts. About half of homes in the United States are fans of podcasts according to data from 2017, and that number has likely increased since that survey. This means over 60 million homes actively listen to podcasts, making them an excellent marketing tool.

  1. Increased Dependence on Chatbots

With the increase in AI in the digital marketing world, a growing number of companies are also turning to chatbots and virtual assistants to help customers with their immediate needs. This helps with marketing because it makes the company look more responsive and helps deal with simple customer complaints and concerns via online platforms and email. The customer is happy, and the company has fewer people that have to work on customer responses.

  1. Increased Focus on Voice Search

Americans are now relying on voice search more than ever before. Using devices like Google or Amazon’s Alexa, people can search for information or products without even having a device in their hands. Optimizing websites and social media pages to appear on voice searches is vital to reaching this demographic, so that will likely become an increased focus for digital marketing in 2022.

  1. Making the Transition to Mobile-First Marketing

Mobile search is quickly surpassing desktop search, and as such marketers are transitioning from a focus on computer-based responsiveness to creating websites that are responsive to mobile. Mobile-friendly content can reach both types of users, but content that is not mobile-friendly will fall flat when someone searches on a phone. In addition, search engines are rewarding ages with mobile-friendly designs, so mobile-first marketing is becoming important for SEO.

Digital marketing is constantly changing. To take full advantage of these trends and position your company well for 2022, reach out to InfoStream Solutions for help today.