Custom Software

Custom programming

Implement a solution that automates and streamlines your business, saving you time and money. If we can’t find it, we will personally build it.

InfoStream’s custom software solutions are tailored to your business needs. We create the automation that you need to run your business more efficiently. Working one-on-one with you, our business analyst provides consultation, custom software solution options, and a precise plan for executing the project.  InfoStream’s custom applications can fully integrate with your in-house systems, so there is no need for

  • We’ve built hundreds of custom applications that are independent or complement existing legacy systems.
  • We invest in your business, taking the time to understand what you need so the software works for you.
  • 99.9% of our applications are web-based with no installation needed. No Servers required!
  • What good is the data if you can’t analyze it? We complement our software with reports that make sense.

InfoStream’s custom software team has experience with many industries; retail, manufacturing, healthcare, distribution, education, engineering, real estate, restaurant, security, telecommunications, and more. We pride ourselves on creating fully-integrated, seamless solutions to make your business perform better and leaner. Contact our team today.

Thrive DCS

Machine downtime is tracked and analyzed with Thrive DCS – fully automated and on budget.

Understanding the costs, trends and reasons for machine downtime can be time-consuming. We simplify it. Our automated downtime tracking software makes it easy for management to track the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and the Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP) of your facility.Adding our cloud-based downtime tracking and analysis software to your facility is easy and cost-effective. It requires no additional hardware and upon installation, immediately begins logging machine downtime.

Customized to suit any facility, Downtime Collection System’s reporting identifies exactly why, when, and how long a machine was down. Operators are able to define machine downtime reasons from any computer on the shop floor. You can simplify downtime tracking and identify areas of improvement quickly with Thrive DCS.

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Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye Sweeper Truck Tracking Software is a fully-integrated modular system designed to track a truck fleet of any size. Detailed route information is tracked, analyzed, and reported in an efficient process.

Information reported is based on customized controls, including most efficient routes, stops, sweeper truck activity, and employee shift times. By consolidating this information and utilizing GPS analysis of the truck fleet tracking system, Eagle Eye Sweeper Truck Tracking Software identifies area of opportunity for increased efficiency for any wheel-based business.

This tracking software provides a level of detailed information and data analysis that is simply not found in most GPS systems. Eagle Eye Sweeper Truck Tracking Software produces easy-to-use and valuable account, vehicle, and route reports at the touch of your finger.

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Reduce food manufacturing waste at its source!

Untracked food manufacturing waste results in unnecessary high costs. Immediately identify problem areas and opportunity for reduction of food manufacturing waste with Normandy Waste Management Systems.

With Normandy, your management team can easily identify industrial food waste streams and areas of high waste. Reporting is streamlined, making implementation on the floor easy and analysis of the data simple.Start reducing your food manufacturing waste today with Normandy Waste Management Systems.

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Pain Management Group

Patient Information and Reporting

InfoStream custom software solutions were developed to solve the problem of time-consuming, high-cost medical data entry and tracking. Creating a streamlined, web-based system that allows multiple clinic sites to enter and share information – from patient, doctor, and referral information, to clinical statistics and performance efficiency.

From this interface upper level management can easily monitor patient care and the individual performance of doctors and clinic sites from anywhere.

Freight Rite

Logistics solutions for better business

The custom logistics software solution for Freight Rite supports their business growth and the increased demand of their customers. With this software, major retail customers can schedule furniture and appliance deliveries to their consumers.

The ease of the program allow individual sales associates to login from multiple locations and choose a delivery date based on the availability of delivery by Freight Rite. Connecting with a third party system, the custom logistics system for Freight Rite triggers a phone call to alert customers of new deliveries.

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Recovering lost billing dollars

Perry Prosthetics had lost revenue overtime due to unfiled insurance claims simply because cumbersome insurance billing practices was too costly. The lowest 5% of all prosthetic procedures are typically not billed to the insurance company simply because it is too much manual labor.

We changed that! Automating the process with a digital iPad application made it easy for the prosthetist to document the billable process. A usable report can now be generated automatically for insurance companies, meeting all guidelines and requirements, without manual tracking and entry.

Delta Project Management System

As a leader in custom software development, our InfoStream team identified areas of improvement for our own efficiency. We developed a customized software system for project management that tracks everything from project launch, billing and profitability.

The InfoStream project management system tracks:

  • Internal and external correspondence
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Assigned project priorities
  • Deadlines
  • Profitability
  • Billing

Evolving to do more, our project management system is updatable and easily customized with added features as needed.


Custom manufacturing application

Working with the InfoStream custom software team, a custom factory floor application was developed for Zerega to increase efficiency and utilize employees better. Tasks that employees can execute with the Zerega custom software includes printing bar code labels, review of product information and photos, as well as SKU scanning. Easily streamlined into their factory system, the custom software application gives management machine downtime tracking information on-demand.

Discover Your Passion

We developed a powerful interactive tool for Dr. James Graham Johnston to help his patients discover what their passion is in life. This intuitive online tool gives patients the insight to their own goals and passions.

By incorporating a series of questions that individuals answer to conclude their desired life path, this online interactive test gives instant results!

Seattle Space Needle

Development for a custom application for the Seattle Space Needle is in full swing. The web-based dashboard measures the efficiency and downtime of the Space Needle’s three elevators. Metrics like elevator speed, frequency of use, and downtime are all tracked and analyzed. While incorporating factors like weight, wind speed, and elevator speed, the true efficiency of the Space Needle’s elevators is revealed.