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Log in to your website’s WordPress Dashboard by opening mywebsite.com/wp-admin and using the login credentials.


  • Once you are logged in, in the menu of options to the left, select “Add New” under  “Pages” menu.

  • When you have opened a new page, create a title at the top. This will automatically create the page URL for the new page using the title of your page. If you wish to change the URL (this is usually only necessary if you want to shorten it or make it more SEO friendly), just click the “Edit” button next to the URL and it will give you the option to do so.

  • In the large body of the page, you can type anything, using the tools above to modify the font color, size and weight, as well as adding smileys, adjusting paragraph alignment and many other options.

  • Once you have added a title and content to your page, you may want to adjust a few settings. On the right hand side, next to your page content box, you will see the “Page Attributes” box. You have the option to select a parent page for your new page and a template. Not all WordPress sites have multiple page templates. If yours does, you can select which template layout you would like for your new page by selecting it from the dropdown box.

  • When you have finished creating your new page, you can either preview the new page Or make it live by clicking on the 'Publish' button. Generally it's a good idea to preview the page so that any changes required can be made before it's live.

  • You are done!