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Back-links are your website's URL reference on other websites on the web. It can be your website home page URL or any of the inner pages URL. Back-links are one the strongest SERPs ranking factors for all major search engines.

Bad Neighborhood

When a website/webpage links to another website/webpage having a bad reputation, its supposed to be having a bad neighborhood. Most search engines consider it a bad practice and websites engaging in this practice are at the risk of being termed a spam domains.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO refers to using unethical means and deceptive techniques to rank higher in organic search results. Examples include doorway pages, hidden text, and cloaking.


Blockchain is a digital record of transactions that are linked together via a simple list - hence the name. Each transaction is validated by multiple online source and once it is added, it cannot be changed again. It's already being used to great effect in the world of crypto currency and in the not-too-distant future, it will also change the way both businesses and customers think about marketing - for the better and for all time.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a means of establishing communication between a blog owner and its readers. Poeple comment on posts to share their thought and view on a topic. If a comment adds value to the discussion, the owner may want to link back to the commenter's website/blog. This also makes it a legitimate link building technique.


A Blogroll is a list of URL grouped together and put on the sidebar of a Blog. It is supposed to contains URLs of other blogs or website that the Blog author believes might be useful for their users.


Short for of the term robots or search robots, robots are software programs intended to automate certain tasks. Search robots scan the web and prepare an index of the web pages visited.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is term used in web Analytics. It refers to percentage of visitors that bounce away from a web page without seeing even a single other page.

Brand Stacking

Brand stacking or Domain stacking refers to phenomenon where multiple pages from a single website are listed on a search result page in response to a user's search query. The domain exhibiting Brand stacking is considered authoritative for that specific topic or category.


Breadcrumb is a navigation aid that lets users keep track of their location of a website and also helps them understand the website content structure.