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Geo targeting is based on determining the geographical location of web users. Geo targeting enables advertisers to target ads by geographical region. Geotargeting also allows webmasters to display different content to visitors based on their geographical location.

Google Ads

Google Ads are Ads placed in search engine result pages or content network websites partnered with Google Adsense.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service that lets users generate detailed statistics about visitors to a website.

Google Bombing

Google bombing is the process of making a web page rank for an unrelated term for which the page would not rank naturally. This is done by creating huge number of in-links to that page using the targeted search term as link anchors.

Google Cache

When Google crawls and indexes a website, it keeps a copy of the same in a web cache, so that it can be made available to users, in case the original page can not be accessed or is unavailable.

Google Dance

When various Google data centers’ information is synchronized and the index is rebuilt, it causes some temporary fluctuation in web rankings, this is called Google dance.

Google Juice

Inlink are one of the strongest factors in search rankings. When page A links to page B, it helps build some authority, trust and value for page B and increases its PR.

Google Maps Listing / Google Places Listing

Google Maps is Google's address mapping service. When a business address is mapped in Google maps, it called Google maps listing of the business. Google Places for business on the other hand is a specialized Google service that lets business owners compose a local business listing, with details such as contact information, web address, services offered, payment options, customer reviews and more. It helps customers better connect with local businesses.

Google Panda

Google panda is a Google algorithm change, first launched in the year 2011. The change was aimed to lower rankings of poor quality website having lots of scrapped content.

Google Supplemental Index

Google supplemental index consist of pages which Google considers unimportant for showing unless there are no genuine results available in response to a search query. The supplemental index includes pages that seize to exist overtime, pages with duplicate content, pages with outdated information, pages with low trust etc.

Google Voice

Google voice is Google's free phone service that lets users use one number to reach all their phones. Its other features include call screening, call flipping, call routing, call tracking & reports, missed call notifications, call recording, voice mail boxes, transcriptions, and easy configuration.


Googlebot is the name of Google search robot application/software.


A Google whack is an elusive 2 words query (without quotes) that returns a single result.

Graphical Search Inventory

Graphical search inventory refers to the non-textual inventory of a search engine. Visual resources and Images in any form such as pics, graphs, banners, sound, and video - that are tied to a search term by a search engine comprise the Graphical Search Inventory of that search engine.

Grey Hat SEO

Its an SEO approach where both white hat SEO and black hat SEO tactics are applied altogether.

Growth Hacking

It’s a very effective and efficient way to grow a business. In this process rapid conventional and unconventional marketing experiments are done which leads to the growth of a business.