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EdgeRank is the name given to the Algorithm that Facebook uses to rank posts for placement in the News feed of a user. Facebook has abandoned the EdgeRank system since 2011 and now they use a machine learning Algorithm that takes more tan 100000 factors into account for the same.


Egobait is an digital asset designed to attract attention by appealing to the ego of a person or group of people. Egobait can easily go viral. In online marketing it's all about provoking users to further engage with your content and amplify your link building work.

Elastic Layout

An Elastic layout (also known as fluid layout or liquid layout) is based on the principle of proportion. In an elastic layout, elements take up the same percent of space on different screen sizes, which makes them more visually appealing.

Email Bomb

It’s a form of net abuse where a high volume of emails are sent to a particular email ID to overflow the mailbox and affecting the operating system. Particularly it’s a code that, when executed, send many messages to the same address for the purpose of overloading an email or the web.


Marketing is no longer the passive experience it once was - meaning that people are no longer content to just sit there and be "sold to" by way of print or television advertisements. They want to be an active participant in their own buyer's journey and they want a far more interactive experience as a result.


Google incremental mode of updating its web index is called Everflux.

Exclusive Advertising

Exclusive advertising allows a merchant or publisher to get full & exclusive advertising rights for a specific region in a website.