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Database Driven

A database driven website is the one that pulls data from a database every time it is accessed. Database driven websites provide greater flexibility in terms of sorting and organizing huge amount of data.

Data Suggested Upgrades

Based on recorded user interactions, functional upgrades were recommended to RettigMusic.com

Day Parting

In online advertising, Day Parting refers to running online ads on specific times of the day or specific days of the week. There can be 2 or more different time slots. This is done to ensure Ads are being shown at a time when they are supposed to perform best and the available budget is utilized in the best possible way.


The term ‘Delisting’ in SEO terminology refers to removal of a web page from Search Engine Index, generally failing to meet quality guidelines OR on explicit request of the verified owner of the page.


A directory is a alphabetical index of items that belong to a specific category. A website directory maintains information about other websites organized categorically.


DMOZ, also known as 'The open directory project' is one of the oldest manually reviewed directory. It is owned by AOL and is managed by a community of volunteers. A few years ago most search engines including Google would value a website having a DMOZ listing highly in their search algorithm.


DNS stands for Domain Name Server. A DNS server is an internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses and vice-versa

Domain Names

Domain names are used to identify IP addresses. Its a series of alphanumeric strings separated by periods serving as an address for a web server.

Domain Stacking

Domain stacking refers to phenomenon where multiple pages from a single website are listed on a search result page in response to a user's search query. The domain exhibiting Domain stacking is considered authoritative for that specific topic or category.

Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are created with the sole intention of getting higher placement in search results. They are generally not connected to rest of the website and serve no purpose for the users.

Duplicate Content

As the name suggest, Duplicate content is content that is copied or reused from other web pages from same or different websites. Search engines now a days have developed advanced technologies to identify duplicate content.