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A/B Split Testing

At its core, the concept being A/B split testing is simple. Say you've spent hours creating a great Infographic or other piece of content to better engage with your customers... but you just aren't sure that it's ready for publication quite yet. You could go with the version you already have, or you could make a few subtle changes that alter the look and feel - and you're not sure which one to go with.
Rather than shooting from the hip and just choosing one to put out in the world, you instead decide to put out both - each to small, different portions of your larger audience. You see which one performs better and then, with that insight, you make the changes you need before rolling that content out to everyone.

Above the Fold

Above the fold is the upper half area of a webpage which is visible without having to scroll. Items put above the fold are supposed to be more visible and attract users attention.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

It’s a project from Google and Twitter specially designed to make really fast mobile pages. AMP open-source format gives users a smooth and more engaging experience with mobile and laptop.

Activity Bias

Activity Bias refers to focusing your web re-targeting efforts on an audience who is more likely to engage in a certain activity. This can help determine the success (or failure) of the ads for that particular group.

Ad Extension

Ad extensions provide advertisers a means to add additional dimension of information such as contact details, deep page links, social media links, reviews etc. to their ads.

Ad Rank

Ad rank is what determines the ad position on the search result pages. Ad rank is derived from your bid, quality score, and potential impact of ad extensions used with your ads.


It is simply a Remarketing platform, this widget helps in placing the code exactly where you want it. One can use Adroll for targeting campaigns.

AdWords (Now Google Ads)

Adwords is Google's advertising product which allows website owners to advertise their product or services on a pay-per-click basis.


An aggregator is a software program or a web application that collects and stores a predefined set of information from other websites and resources on the web. Popular aggregator program types include RSS aggregator, News Aggregator, Feed Aggregator, and Content aggregator programs.

Alt Attribute

Alt attribute is used in HTML to define alternate text for an image. Using an ALT tag helps screen readers, visually impaired, and search engines to understand the function of an image. This is also particularly useful for text browsers, or if a browser fails to load an image.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is actual text corresponding to a hyperlink that is displayed on a webpage. Anchor text is considered an important ranking factor by all major search engines.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is the practice of writing short articles about a product or service and distributing it online for online marketing purpose. Article marketing provides quality inbound links, in addition to increased brand awareness and direct traffic. Article marketing is one of the oldest online marketing practice.