The Client


The Perrysburg Auto Mall Repair & Service Center is part of the Perrysburg Auto Mall, a new and used car dealership selling Buick, GMC, Volvo and Volkswagen vehicles. The dealership and service center draw customers from the Toledo area and a good part of northwest Ohio.

The center is a complete service and repair center, offering everything from oil changes and alignments to complex repairs on all vehicle models, and its technicians are expertly trained and experienced. They also sell tires, batteries and other vehicle accessories.

Info Stream

The Problem

The service center did not have an independent brand as it was a part of the large dealership website. The website was effective for car sales but not for the service center. Website visitors unfamiliar with the Mall might stumble on the service center looking for a new or used vehicle but mostly by chance. Worse, when potential customers Googled Perrysburg auto service centers for oil changes and general repairs, the Perrysburg Auto Mall Repair & Service Center was buried on the fourth page or beyond – places few Internet visitors see.

Beyond warranty and other repairs on vehicles purchased at the dealership and some outside business, it was apparent the service center was missing significant revenue potential by being buried in vehicle sales website.

Info Stream

The Project

The dealership hired InfoStream Solutions to design and develop an independent website for the repair and service center. The goal was to get the center at the top of Google’s first page, just below the paid ads, in all services areas and every make of vehicle.

Several brainstorm sessions between service center management and the InfoStream Solutions team led to a solid game plan. Key Google search words supplied by the service center were integrated into the new website’s content.

InfoStream suggested developing individual pages for more than 30 vehicle brands so anyone Googling Ford or Chevy or Buick and repairs and Perrysburg would quickly find the Perrysburg Auto Mall Repair & Service Center.

The Challenge

There were several unique challenges in this project. For one, there is considerable competition in the vehicle service repair market in the Perrysburg area so the website had to be sharply focused and on point.

Additionally, the perception of car dealer service and repair shops is that they are considerably more expensive than the independents, a false presumption as the service center is competitive with non-dealer repair shops and often cheaper.

Also, around 70 percent of the service center’s business came from customers who bought their vehicles there, meaning 30% were non-dealership customers. Getting the remaining 30 percent figure to increase was perceived as a challenge. And beyond that, the service center wanted to turn a percentage of the 30 percent into potential new car buyers.

The Results

The new website has dramatically increased the service center’s standing with Google, rising to the top three in several categories. The individual pages for all the vehicle models have also been successful as any Google search involving Perrysburg, car repairs and a specific model places the service center at or near the top of Google’s page one.

The service center is seeing more first-time customers as well and working on a much wider selection of vehicles.

The best endorsement came from a group of 20 car dealership owners who voted the Perrysburg Auto Mall Repair & Service Center website and SEO program the best new marketing idea of 2019.

The service center and InfoStream are continuing to work together on SEO to move even higher up the Google list in as many categories as possible so they can achieve their goal of being No. 1.

The fact that we weren’t showing up at all on any Google search before we built the new website and we are now second or third on almost every list is amazing.” Richard Cronin, President, Perrysburg Auto Mall