The Client

signature label

Long recognized as a quality supplier of direct screen-printing and label application on plastic and glass, Signature Label provides labeling services utilizing a variety of application systems. When working with Signature Label, customers are assured that they will receive exemplary customer service and high-quality products. Signature Label’s commitment to maintaining this level of quality ensures they provide a wide variety of state-of-the-art label application services that are the best in the industry.

the assignment

The Assignment

Signature Label continually invests in the best machines and processes to provide customers excellent products and services. This attention to detail and care makes Signature Label stand out against competitors. Unfortunately, their website did not seem to reflect this knowledge, commitment and service ability. National Sales Manager at Signature Label, Jennifer Bockey, recognized that something needed to change, especially their website! Signature Label reached out to a handful of companies to see what services would be the best fit for their needs.

the challenge

The Challenge

InfoStream laid out a process of development that was easy to follow and allowed the team at Signature Label to reach the prospective timelines, which was important due to not having an in-house tech or marketing person. This comprehensive strategy proved best for Signature Label so they brought InfoStream as a tech partner.  Jennifer continued to be impressed by them and stated, “InfoStream took the time to get to know the company. They interviewed the Signature Label employees, and learned about our goals and culture. The end result was a website that was not only easy to navigate, but it reflected our mission and vision and aligned with how we worked day-to-day.”

The Project

In these interviews with the Signature Label team, InfoStream recognized the importance of Signature Label’s culture and brand. A brand must shine—be consistent across many platforms and media. A company’s website is the most significant marketing tool one can have. It is accessible by almost everybody in the world! InfoStream not only wanted to develop an informative site easy for Signature Label to manage but they wanted to reflect Signature Label’s values. Through the process, InfoStream was responsive and patient. Jennifer said, “We were rookies at site development and the way the InfoStream team took time to explain and demonstrate was appreciated!”

the results

The Results

Since 2017, Signature Label has continued to work with InfoStream – they have a marketing assistance “a la carte” option in which they reach out for update help in. The new site has been a great networking piece at trade shows and the information provided backs up the product Signature Label is selling. Signature Label began receiving new online inquiries, as well as current customers commenting on new updates.

The Outcome

“There was a lot of positive feedback for the whiteboard video and we’d like to continue to update those types of additions to our site,” Jennifer said. “This will help keep our site new and fresh, something that clients find helpful and informative!”