The Client

Lending Source

Lending Source is comprised of loan experts who work with multiple banks and financial firms in the vast nationwide network to ensure fair and fast funding.  When small- and mid-sized businesses need cash infusions, they call Lending Source. Working with Lending Source for financing means businesses are actually working with hundreds of potential investors, resulting in several lenders competing for your business.

If a company needs financing, the two most common options for these small to mid-size businesses are secured and unsecured debt financing. Lending Source secured debt financing requires borrowers to put up collateral, usually with a market value at least equal to the principal amount of the loan. This is the most common form of debt financing among Lending Source’s network of finance partners, with the collateral ranging from real property and equipment to accounts receivable and other business or personal assets. Unsecured debt financing does not require borrowers to put up collateral.

task assignment

The Assignment

Lending Source identified they needed better marketing and more qualified applications coming through online. They signed up with a marketing company for a couple months but unfortunately, no results were generated, and a lot of money was being spent on Facebook advertisements solely. Andrew Kistner of Lending Source has previously worked with the InfoStream President, Tim Saddoris, and decided to reach out to see what they could offer. At the initial meeting, the Lending Source reps were impressed with InfoStream’s knowledge. The better you understand your customer (demographics, interests, behaviors, etc.), the more successful your search engine advertising campaign will be. With this in mind, InfoStream’s team worked with Andrew and Lending Source to do just that!


The Challenge

As a part of their research, InfoStream analyzed Lending Source’s competition and were able to measure the competition levels, estimated cost-per-click, and see how much your competitors are spending in advertising – the goal was not to copy competition’s efforts, but to analyze their efforts and help develop a winning strategy.

The Project

InfoStream identified better marketing platforms to generate the desire business and offer knowledge to potential clients – resulting in additional qualified leads for the Lending Source team. InfoStream’s marketing solution for Lending Source included utilizing Google AdWords. This is a search engine advertising platform provided by Google to run texts ads on Google (including video/display ads).


The Results

Almost immediately, Lending Source found an influx in their qualified leads and as a result, Lending Source had a billion dollars of loans on the board, including a huge lead of 380 million dollars for a hotel bridge loan! Over the past half a year while working with InfoStream, Andrew stated that only two loan applications came from their website, the rest had been generated from the InfoStream marketing efforts!

The Outcome

Lending Source has been happy with the results and the relationship with InfoStream. Andrew Kistner stated, “InfoStream delivered on their promise, they showed us the results we set out to obtain. As Lending Source’s needs grow at along with our business, we know that InfoStream’s marketing plan will continue to support those needs.”