The Client

Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers [CHWC] consists of three health care campuses in the northwest Ohio communities of Bryan, Archbold and Montpelier. With more than 700 employees, CHWC is one of the area’s largest employers and provides critical care and other healthcare services to numerous communities over a widespread, rural area.

Info Stream

The Assignment

Beginning in 2014, InfoStream revamped CHWC’s website, doing a complete re-design of the previous website along with updating all technical areas, bringing the website up-to-date.

Since then InfoStream has been involved in a number of aspects of CHWC’s digital marketing, including content SEO, Google ads, on-line payment system support, cyber security, website updates and revisions, and website maintenance.

Most recently, InfoStream was asked to add to the website and promote two CHWC services: OBGYN/Maternity and Gastroenterology. Additionally, a new department – Urology – along with a sub-specialty – urogynecology – were also part of the new content added to the website.

Additional assignments involved Google adds and boosting visibility to CHWC’s Ear, Nose and Throat department.

Info Stream

The Challenge

As with all medical topics, the challenge for InfoStream was to explain as simply as possible each of these services that both make it easy for non-medical website visitors to understand but at the same time be descriptive and accurate.

This also involved choosing an appropriate length of content with the right keywords improve CHWC’s Google ranking.

Since CHWC is a rural health care system, there is a tendency for some patients to travel to the nearest large city for certain specialty treatments – assuming their local health care system can’t handle it. Our goal from the beginning of our relationship with CHWC has been to make them the go-to health care system in their area and keep patients from traveling elsewhere for treatment.

Two additional challenges:

  • CHWC’s OBGYN/Maternity and Gastroenterology had no ranking with Google so our SEO effort started from scratch
  • CHWC is a 24/7 operation, so InfoStream techies have to be on call at all times in case the website crashes.

The Project

Working with CHWC’s staff we secured detailed information on each service that helped us write the content. The content was reviewed by CHWC and re-edited by InfoStream, before posting. CHWC provided all visuals for the new pages.

Content was posted in an accordion-style format in which site visitors can click on a topic headline that expands for more detailed information InfoStream techies handled programming and other backend tasks. They also advised InfoStream content writers on the appropriate keywords for higher Google rankings.

InfoStream also schooled CHWC’s marketing director on basic WordPress tasks so she could create and post content as well.

Info Stream

The Results

Google rankings in all the new project focus areas considerably improved.

The Google ads campaign has been successful as well. All digital marketing activities are performing better than ever.

InfoStream has remained pro-active in all aspects of CHWC’s digital marketing campaign. Monthly meetings are held during which InfoStream details all successes and addresses areas that require attention.

From the beginning CHWC set goals it wanted to achieve during its digital marketing campaign. The CHWC/InfoStream partnership has made great strides in achieving those goals.


“I am a one-person marketing department so I only have so much time to spend on our website. It means so much to have the InfoStream team that I trust behind me. I never have to worry about anything going wrong with our website.”

Jess Hesgard, Marketing Specialist