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Oftentimes businesses spend so much time marketing to potential customers that they lose sight of another group of people who matter arguably just as much: potential employees.

While it's absolutely true that a hiring campaign is different from traditional customer or client outreach, make no mistake: you're still very much talking about the principles and best practices of marketing. You're not just trying to attract a stable of worthy candidates. You're doing more than just attempting to fill an open position. You want to come across as the type of company that people actually want to work for - an organization that they'd be willing to devote a significant amount of their life to, giving their all to help you accomplish your goals.

To get to that point, you need to convey more than just a starting salary or a benefits package. You need to speak to something that matters a great deal in the mind of prospects everywhere: a true work/life balance in every sense of the term, and all of the things you're willing to do to help them achieve it on a daily basis.

The Art of the Work/Life Balance: An Overview

Once you realize that about 56% of employee burnout is ultimately caused by a negative work culture - something that also attributes to turnover rates that range from 20% to 50% on average - you begin to get a sense of just how important work/life balance truly is.

Especially if you're operating in a highly specialized industry with a need for top talent, this is one of the major points you want to hit in your hiring campaign again and again. Another study estimated that roughly 72% of people say that when they go looking for a new job, this delicate balance is something they carefully consider.

Of course, this approach brings with it benefits in a variety of other areas, too. Employees who aren't burned out tend to be far more engaged with their jobs, which makes them more productive than the average employee. This means that the quality of the work they perform goes up, and the quality of the experience you can offer to your own clients increases right along with it.

You may know that you go to great lengths to make sure that people can equally enjoy their personal and professional lives - but prospective candidates don't necessarily know that right away. That's why this needs to become an essential part of your messaging. It's not just how you attract top talent to your organization - it's how you keep them there, happy and satisfied, for years to come.

If you'd like to find out more information about why you need to start making work/life balance an integral part of your hiring campaign, or if you'd just like to discuss your own needs with a passionate team of professionals in a bit more detail, please don't hesitate to contact InfoStream Solutions today.