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There may be a lot of businesses out there who sell products and services similar to yours, but nobody does what you do quite like how you do it. Homing in on those unique qualities - those elements that make you special - have contributed to a large amount of your success up to this point.

But what a lot of brands fail to realize until it's far too late is that these qualities need to be front and center in their marketing campaigns, too. Yes, it's about conveying what you do and why it matters. But success in terms of digital marketing is also about getting across who you are, why you're different and what you can offer that nobody else can.

This, in essence, is what your brand voice is all about - and it needs to become a focal point of your marketing campaign for a variety of reasons that are certainly worth exploring.

What's in a Brand Voice?

Overall, a brand voice can best be described as that distinct personality that your business takes on whenever it communicates with its target audience. It directly ties into the impression that you want to give off - that feeling someone should get whenever they see a piece of collateral that you've created out in the wild.

Take Apple, for instance. Their brand voice is short, sweet and to the point - mimicking the "it just works" nature of their products. Their communications tend to be very minimalist with little-to-no fuss. Contrast that with something like Starbucks, which tends to be a little more expressive. Other brands, like MailChimp, tend to be a bit more informal and even include some humor in what they're doing.

The point is that when you see an Apple ad on television, you know it's something from Apple before the logo ever comes on screen. The same is likely true of Starbucks as well. There is a clear delineation between Coke and Pepsi, even though they're essentially marketing a very similar product to the same group of people. You'd never confuse a Coca-Cola ad for a Pepsi ad, or vice versa. That's because all of these brands have made an effort to develop and hone their unique voices over the years.

This is important because it creates a more personal experience for your target audience - one where people feel like they know you beyond just what you're selling. It's also how you stand out in a crowded marketplace and differentiate yourself from your competitors, which is and will always be one of your top priorities.

It raises awareness, creates better experiences and breeds loyalty - all at the exact same time. That's why your brand voice is one of those elements of your marketing campaign that you want to pay careful attention to moving forward.

If you're interested in finding your true voice in your marketing campaign but just aren't sure where to begin, or if you'd like to discuss some other element of your marketing activities with someone in a bit more detail, please feel free to contact InfoStream Solutions today.