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Email Marketing for Small Businesses

email marketing for small and medium businesses
Every day people are finding more ways to connect with their users online. Whether its engaging on social media or having a fantastic mobile responsive website, companies are having to be clever with their targeting strategy. Despite these different avenues, email marketing is still proving that it is the best way to communicate effectively with your customers. Many of our clients are failing to leverage an email list in their business, and we want to help! So, we have put together a list of ideas, reasons, and maybe even a reminder of why email lists are important and how you can use them more effectively to communicate with your customers, and to give them a reason to care about engaging, buying, and creating brand loyalty with your company.


Increased Engagement

One of the buzz words going around is engagement. Companies are looking for engagement on social media, blogs, and their websites… so how can email marketing drive that engagement? Well think about it… If you send an email to someone who is on your email list, they are already engaged. You didn’t force them to submit their email to you, so they want to hear from you. If someone wants the information you have already, then it’s much easier to increase that engagement. Whether it be a new product launch, discounts, or new content (ie: blogs), send it to your email list and watch the engagement grow.


You No Longer Have to “Rent Space”

Okay, you’ve probably stopped reading because of my last sentence, but in case you are still here, let me explain. Email lists are your property, unlike social media platforms or your website server. You no longer have to rely on Facebook to bring you traffic. Nor do you need learn to navigate notorious algorithm changes that seem to come weekly. Instead, you are going to drive that traffic exactly where you want it to. New products? Send your email subscribers to your catalog. It may sound like an obvious concept, but sometimes businesses fail to realize that it’s better to rely on yourself.


Build Relationships Not Sales

Gone are the days of traditional sales methods. Armed with more information than ever before, consumers are making their purchasing decisions in a different way than they used to. What does this mean for you? You need to STOP worrying about sales! Okay, now I’ve really lost you, but hear me out… What would you rather have? 1 sale and you never hear back from that person ever again, or a repeat customer that purchases from you 3-6 times per year? I know, you’d rather have that repeat customer. So what does your email list have to do with building relationships? Well think about it… your customers communicate via email with their boss, husband, kids’ teachers, and friends. Aren’t you trying to be in their inner circle too? By not focusing solely on sales and turning your attention to building that relationship instead. Build that relationship and see your repeat business increase.

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