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Latest Social Media Trends


If you are not on social media… please stop reading this and go open yourself an account. Social media has a record number of users (Facebook has 2.3 billion active members). Could you imagine that kind of audience at your disposal? If you are looking for trends that are coming across the social media channels, then tune in and learn how to bring your social media game to the next level.


Live Videos

Live videos are all the rage on social media. With what started on Facebook has now grown to Instagram, Twitter (Periscope) and the rest of the major platforms are sure to follow. Since the addition of live videos, Facebook has seen tremendous growth. Even Instagram has grown to 100 million active users since launching Instagram stories. Are you not sure which platform you should focus your time and attention to? Think about the platform that your target market is most likely on and go after it.


Video Advertisements

Pictures and posts with just text are so last year! Here is the day of the video ad. Think commercials, but these don’t air on the TV. These are found in the Newsfeeds of your target audience. You are no longer relying on your target market to come to you, you are bringing your target market your advertisement. Videos are more watched then posts with just pictures or even text only posts. Don’t have any videos? No problem, grab your cell phone and catch some footage. Better yet, leave it to a professional.


Social Media E-Commerce

Social media has been mostly used in content marketing, before now. Having a social media presence grows your brand loyalty and most customers follow the brands they currently purchase. In addition to this, most customers look to social media before making purchases. The major social media platforms have skipped the middle man, and are now allowing you to use their platform as an e-marketplace. Now you don’t have to worry about your customer getting ‘lost’ between Facebook and your website. Shorten the buying process and increase your conversions!

While this is not a comprehensive list, we do think that we’ve hit the highlights of the social media trends to look for in the rest of 2017. Are you still not sure how to leverage social media in your digital marketing strategy? Contact us to let us help you.