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A new year has come knocking at the door and along with it the new challenges for SEO. The search engine algorithms are changing at a breakneck speed. The competition to remain at the top of the SERPs has intensified and it also keeps the SEO managers on toes. Tried and tested techniques like maintaining website speed and relevance will never lose their charm for SEO. Yet, sticking only to that might do a bit of harm.

Here are some of the top SEO trends for 2018 that will help you in your quest to remain at the top of the SERPs.


TOP SEO Trends for 2018


Harness the power of video and image search
It goes without saying that a picture can express more than hundreds of words. It has greater appeal and offers faster assimilation of information. The videos are easy to understand and appeal to the audience. If you want your content to trend and get shares, likes, and hits then you must leverage them in your content.


Voice Search- Understand the power of this new search medium
The end goal of technology is to make work easy, simple and fast. Digital assistants like SIRI and Cortana are offering that ease to the users. Searching through voice command is going to be the new big thing. It is important that you curate your content accordingly to provide quick and relevant answers for the voice searches. Great User Experience has always been the key to better business.


Featured Snippets- Even better than 1st Rank
Search engines are improving the relevancy and accuracy of information like never before. The focus is always on offering the most relevant information in an easy to understand way. Featured snippets are an endeavor to achieve that. They provide the most accurate answer at the top. Even above the top searches and paid ads. This presents a great opportunity for SEO. Useful content in the form of questions and answers has a greater chance of fetching this coveted place. It will not only increase your site's authority but also boost brand's conversion.


Structured Data- Accurate, Efficient & Effective
SEO experts have to fight a war open on many fronts. On one hand, they have to track and follow the search engine rules. On the other, they have to keep their content effective and engaging for the audience to win the race. Structured Data can help in the systematic presentation of the information in a big way. Through rich snippets and knowledge graphs, your listings will always stand out from the crowd.


Mobile Friendly- The big Goliath to hit
The recent BrightEdge study has proven that 57% web traffic comes from mobile searches today. In such a scenario, not being mobile search friendly is not an option for the SEO experts. Mobile searches are different from desktop searches as they are more focused and local. Great User Experience also holds high-priority in mobile searches. Experts will have to keep this in mind while doing Mobile SEO.


Link Building- The Trust Tool
The link building always had its prime place in Search Engine Optimization. This overused and sometimes misused tool is facing negligence from the young breed. But, it still holds good value. Quality links from worthy and relevant sources will always remain beneficial. The experts must focus more on relationship building and establishing the brand name on trusted platforms.


AI and Machine Learning- New Process & New Challenges
The search engines are continuously evolving their AI systems. Their dependence upon Machine Learning is growing as it is the need of the hour. The internet is exploding at a greater pace today and to remain relevant the search engines are adopting better technology. The SEO techniques will also have to evolve at the same pace to remain worthy. Although, the real technique behind evaluating the searches is still unknown yet it is clear that they are very contextual. This new challenge also brings a chance to excel and get ahead of others in the race.