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At Infostream, one of the major things that we try to help our clients understand is that most online experiences between a brand and a consumer still begin via a search engine like Google. This is and of itself is why search engine optimization (SEO) is so critical - because this may very well be the most valuable resource that you have in terms of generating as many leads as possible.

Yet at the same time, people still make a lot of assumptions about the way SEO used to operate. Likewise, they assume that it's something of a silver bullet - that if you can just cram as many keywords as possible onto a page, you'll automatically rank first for whatever phrases your target audience is searching for.

Below are a few of the top SEO mistakes that we work hard to help business owners avoid on a daily basis.

Mastering the Fine Art of SEO With Infostream

Perhaps the biggest SEO mistake that we try to help people avoid at Infostream involves failing to pay attention to what your analytics are trying to tell you.

To truly succeed in terms of SEO, your efforts need to be purpose-driven. You need to begin with the intentions of your audience - who are they, what are they looking for, what do they need, what do they want? The answers to these questions need to inform everything that you're doing, but you can't just automatically assume you know the answers.

Analytics are a great way to get insight into these and other critical topics, all so that you can better understand what content people want and how they want to experience it.

Another major SEO success factor that far too many people overlook has to do with a failure to properly optimize for local search. These days, a significant portion of Google searches in particular are local driven. That means that people aren't just looking for a business, they're looking for "businesses near me." Not only that, but many of those searches result in either a phone call or an in-person visit within just 24 hours - an incredible opportunity that is far too important to overlook.

Therefore, at Infostream we help people embrace location-specific keywords. We also help make sure that business websites have contact information like addresses, phone numbers and more on every page on a domain. We optimize headers, page titles, meta descriptions - you name it.

We do this because SEO is a critical component to the current and future success of your business - and because anything worth doing is worth doing right. Yes, these elements require a lot more effort than just filling a page with as many keywords as possible and calling it a day. But as our existing clients can attest to, if you put in the effort now, you'll create a rock-solid foundation that you can build from for years to come - which is why SEO optimization is one step that is more than worth taking.