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Responsive for Visitor Engagement


Gone are the days where everyone is searching the internet on a computer or laptop. More and more users are shopping, reviewing, and surfing using their tablet or smartphone. So, what does this mean as a company with an online presence? You need to cater to those mobile users… especially when they are making up most of your website traffic. Other than the obvious, here are some reasons why your website should go mobile.



Everyone who owns a Business knows how valuable it is to be found on the first page of the Google search results (SEO). Well what if I said that Google prioritizes websites that are mobile friendly? Why is Google doing this? It’s simple, users have a short attention span. When looking on their mobile devices they can find the information they are looking for.


Customer Experience

Customer experience is quickly becoming the buzz word around the marketing industry. Customers are shifting their focus (quickly) to making their customer have the best experience while online. It’s proven that the easier your site is to navigate and full of information your customers are looking for, the longer they stay on your website. And I’m sure you know if your customers hang out long enough, they will spend more money.


Credibility & Reputation

By having a mobile friendly site, you are building your online reputation and credibility with your customers. Moving past your outdated website and into a more modern site that your market is looking for, helps build trustworthiness while online. Nowadays, it’s so easy to create a website, that buys are becoming more and more suspicious of new brands and new websites. If your website stands out, then you’re putting yourself one step ahead of the competition.