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Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. They have become the go-to gadget for everything from gaming and social media access to online shopping. The average amount of time spent on mobile devices has been on a steady increase. They dominate the time spent on the internet.


Mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing has a Higher Stake

The stats open a whole new world of possibilities for Mobile Marketing. As per the latest Google stats, more than 55% of all the search queries originate from mobile devices. This means that whomsoever has a better presence and standing in mobile searches will have a better stake in the online business.


Mobile SEO becomes very important in the light of such data. Latest Mobile Marketing Trend makes it very clear that to have a strong presence in online marketing a strong Mobile Strategy will play a crucial role. Businesses can now no longer afford to ignore the importance of Mobile marketing.


A Paradigm Shift in the Basic Question


The basic question has changed from whether to where. Now, the experts are no longer pondering the question whether people use mobile searches but they are looking at where the queries are high. Mobile Searches are no longer limited to any one category. Some domains like food and beverages, restaurants, health, sports, news, lifestyle and retail take the cherry. Yet, other domains also get a great amount of exposure through Mobile Marketing.


To keep up with the pace you need to have a strong Mobile Campaign. You must have a Mobile Strategy that brings you to the forefront. You should have a strategy that gives you greater business and a defining edge.


Mobile SEO plays a very important role in this. Being mobile friendly is not an option anymore but a necessity. Either you look it from the point of view of demographics or industry sectors, mobiles have become equally important for all. Women are equally interested in mobile games as men and retail apps are a necessity for everyone.


Some Important Things to Bring Your Business to Top


Mobile First

It is no secret that mobile first indexing has become crucial. Search engines rank the websites based on their performance on mobile devices. Mobile websites have become more important than desktop websites and data speaks for itself. In the US alone 71% of digital minutes come from mobile devices. An average American spends 87 hours browsing on smartphones compared to 34 hours on a desktop in a month. If your website is performing well on mobile devices there are all the chances of your business getting a boost.


Mobile Devices Take the Cake in Micro-Moments

The consumer has a plethora of choices. This at times makes the decisions difficult. But, before making a final decision the consumer wants to make sure the deal is the best. Mobile devices are handy in such micro-moments. You can be the star of the deal if you are there in those crucial moments of mobile searches. Your presence in form of tutorials, latest news, trend updates, trivia questions, and answers, or location guide can make the vital difference.


Winning the Lottery of Local Searches

People use mobile phones for local searches the most. This can give you a definite winning edge if your Mobile Marketing Campaign is dedicated and aggressive. Optimization of specific keywords will give you a definite edge. You will get better business and higher ranking and recognition.


You can't ignore the power and potential of Mobile Marketing in the current scenario. The challenge is to adapt to it. Important parameters like easy accessibility, speed, availability are vital. A strong Mobile Strategy that works for you is necessary. Mobile SEO that fetches results for you will be the key to this quest.