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From a certain perspective, it's absolutely true that the Internet has allowed even the smallest businesses out there to operate on a global scale. It's truly never been easier to connect with customers halfway around the country - or even the globe, for that matter. But at the same time, it's also made things decidedly smaller - meaning that you don't necessarily want to be going after the biggest possible audience of potential customers.

Instead, you need to go after the right audience - meaning those people who are living and working in your own backyard.

That, in essence, is why local SEO is so important. As a technique, it helps laser focus your efforts on the people who are most likely to walk into your store or pick up the phone and give you a call to begin with. It helps you get your message in front of people in your immediate area, all by better understanding their intent in a way that helps you stand out from your competitors. It also brings with it a wide range of different benefits, none of which you can afford to ignore.

The Power of Local SEO: Breaking Things Down

One of the biggest reasons why we place such an emphasis on local SEO at Infostream is because it helps harness the power of mobile devices to the advantage of our clients. These days, a not insignificant number of searches being performed on devices like smartphones and tablets have some type of mobile intent. That means that people aren't just searching for a business - they're searching for one within just a few miles of their home.

Not only that, but when people visit an area they're unfamiliar with, they immediately begin searching for things to buy and places to visit. They're looking for interesting points of attractions that they can visit immediately. By helping our customers invest in local SEO, we help them attract the attention of these people - making sure that yours is the first business that people are finding.

But more than anything, local SEO is a way to help our customers embrace all opportunities available to them. Google My Business pages, for example, are more than just a virtual calling card. They often appear alongside searches and include your physical address, your telephone number, your store hours and more.

In addition to helping our clients rank higher on search results, our emphasis on Google My Business also helps our clients rank highly in related applications like Google Maps as well.

All of this is why, instead of a more general "catch-all" approach to SEO, our major emphasis at Infostream is on local SEO whenever possible. People are often shocked by the major difference it can make when executed properly - and on the major impact it can have on their success.