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At Infostream, the core of what we believe comes down to the fact that marketing success is all about getting the best possible message in front of the right person at the right time. It's not just about telling someone what they need to hear - it's also about getting it to them exactly when they need to hear it. If you're able to accomplish that, you can build a bridge between your business and your ideal customer - which in and of itself is the most important goal of all.

That, in a nutshell, is why we focus so heavily on keyword research. If you understand what your real customers are searching for, you understand how to better serve them. Even going beyond the fact that this helps get your content in front of as many sets of eyes as possible, this is also a key contributing factor to how we help people accomplish their larger business goals.

The Art of Keyword Research: Our Overview

By far, the most important way that keyword research helps us serve our clients at Infostream has to do with how it helps us capitalize on opportunities that may have otherwise gone undiscovered.

Extensive keyword research is a big part of how we find those terms and phrases that your competitors may not have - helping customers not only rank, but also get the highest possible return on their investment. We pull out all the stops to find those keywords that have high demand, yet low competition. This helps us achieve superior results at a fraction of the cost that it otherwise would have had clients been going after more competitive phrases.

But more than anything, keyword research helps us keep our clients as relevant in the minds of their target audience members as possible. Content marketing is incredibly effective, yes - but your efforts cannot afford to exist in a vacuum. Again, it's not just about throwing anything out into the world and hoping it sticks. It's about showing someone exactly what they're looking for in the most effective way possible.

Because of that, we're constantly conducting research to guarantee that the interests of someone's ideal customer is still what it was assumed to be. We use Google Trends and similar resources to help better understand what people would actually be searching for when looking for products and services like yours. It helps inform not only the type of content that we should be creating at the moment, but also how ever-changing consumer behaviors dictate where a brand should be headed from a larger marketing perspective.

All of this helps to form a perfect storm in the best possible way. Not only does it help create better and more efficient content today - it also helps create pieces that will stay relevant well into the future. Those efforts quickly start to build their own momentum, generating a steady stream of new leads for years to come.