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interactive content marketing
These days, people are looking for something that runs far deeper than just a "traditional" marketing experience. They're being bombarded by static and passive ads from so many different directions that it all amounts to little more than white noise - it's certainly not a way to stand out from your competitors and it does little, if anything, to get people energized about your brand.

Thankfully, technology has risen to the occasion and has offered a number of innovative ways to accomplish all of this and more with truly interactive content marketing. This isn't something for only the largest brands out there, either - it's an opportunity that businesses of all sizes can enjoy, provided that they're able to keep a few key things in mind.

A New Era of Innovative Content Marketing Has Begun

By far, one of the most interesting new interactive content marketing technologies takes the form of augmented reality - an opportunity to drive sales and enhance your brand value through mobile devices. Keep in mind that the vast majority of all modern-day smartphones (with the iPhone being the most notable example) already have AR functionality built right in. You'd be surprised by how many impressive things you're able to do with this one simple tool.

Augmented reality is a perfect opportunity to essentially let customers try out products before they buy them, for example. Using little more than their smartphone's camera, you can let people see how your products look and feel in their home - all before they make a purchase. You could even provide augmented touring when someone walks through your brick and mortar store. They could point their phone's camera at a particular product and their device's screen could become filled with everything they need to know to get the most from their purchase - far more than the product's packaging alone could ever offer.

Regardless, the goal of interactive content marketing opportunities like augmented reality and others is clear: you're trying to not only get people talking, but to also create the types of lasting memories that other brands simply cannot match. But more than that, you're also allowing people to become active participants in their own shopping experience. You're giving them something far more emotional and engaging to latch onto than just the product itself. You're making the process of buying and investing in that product as fun as possible - which ultimately feeds directly into their impression of your brand.

If you're able to get this part of the process right, you're creating a genuine competitive advantage for yourself and are standing out from the rest of the pack in a compelling way. Make no mistake: that is an exciting position for any brand to be in, no matter what products and services you offer.

If you'd like to find out even more information about using innovative new technologies like augmented reality to further your marketing prowess, or if you have any additional questions you'd like to go over in more detail with an expert, please don't delay - contact InfoStream today.