How does PPC work?

PPC is an advertising model where advertisers show ads to online searchers/surfers. Advertisers are not charged when someone sees their ad. They pay only when a user clicks the ad. Thus, the term Pay-Per-Click. They are charged when someone sees their Ad and clicks through to their website. Ads can be shown to searchers based on their search query, location, language, demographics, interest and online behavior history.


If I run Google Ads, where can my Ads show?

Google Ads can show at the top and along the right side of Google search results. They can also show on Google search partners sites such as Google Maps, YouTube, Google Shopping, Gmail and third-party websites that are part of Google’s display network.


How is PPC different than SEO?

SEO lets your website show in search results based on its merit of relevance, authority, and quality. When someone clicks on your organic listing, you are not charged. PPC lets you show your targeted ads along with search results or on search partner and display partner sites. However, with PPC you are charged each time someone clicks on your ad.


How do I get started with Google Ads?

You can start by first signing up at with your email id. Here is a link to help you get started with setting up your account and first campaign:


Do I need a Google Ads certified pro to run a campaign profitably?

You don’t necessarily need an Google Ads pro to setup and run your campaign. However, you will need a good understanding of how Google Ads functions. Without that, you might end up on the losing side.


How do I know if my Ads are running or not?

You can check for your Google Ads manually by searching on a targeted Google domain for the keywords you intended to show ads for. Or you can use Google Ads Preview and Diagnostic tools for the same.


How do I decide how much to spend monthly on Google Ads as part of my digital marketing lead generation strategy?

Your monthly spend should be calculated based on :

  • Average Cost Per Click (CPC) for your keywords OR competition in your industry
  • Profit margin per conversion

A popular practice is to start slow and gradually increase the spend as long as the ROI is positive.


How does Google Ads charge?

Google Ads is Google’s PPC program. It charges advertisers when someone clicks through their ad to reach their landing page. There are different bidding models which allow advertisers to bid based on clicks or impressions incurred.


Can competitors waste my budget by clicking on my ads?

Google’s system works really hard to protect advertisers from invalid click activity and advertising fraud. Google’s system can automatically detect and filter suspicious clicks. If one still feels something is fishy, they can report it to Google for further investigation.


What is a quality score and how to do you improve it?

Quality score is an Google Ads metric used to rate the quality and relevance of keywords and Ads in your account. The higher the quality score, the less you’ll pay for a keyword in the Ad auction for the same ad position. Following are some of the tactics for improving your quality score:

  • Improve your CTR by refining your Keywords
  • Improve Ads relevance
  • Improve your landing page experience