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How to Add PDFs by Uploading into WordPress

Get to the Page/Post You Want to add PDF to

First, go to the post or page where you want to add the PDF.  The process is the same for both pages and posts. In our example we will add the PDF to a new page.

From your WordPress Dashboard go to:

  • Pages > Add New (if your creating a new page for the PDF)

Upload the PDF into WordPress

In our example, we are going to be adding a new page called “My eBook” and will be uploading a PDF file into it.

  • Click the 'Add Media' icon represented by the camera and musical notes, just above the formatting options of the main content area.



  • After you click the button, the Insert Media screen will popup.  Go ahead and click Upload Files.  Browse your computer files and select the PDF you want.


  • In our example, we are uploading a PDF file named “Testing.pdf”.  Once you’ve selected the PDF you want, you’ll notice that the Add Media screen shows you the name of the file and its type.  Go ahead and change the Title, Caption, and Description of the file if you like.  We just left it as “Testing”.  To finish the upload process:

  1. Take note of the Link URL.  Copy and paste this location.  It is where the PDF file is stored on your web server.  You’ll need this Link URL for the rest of the tutorial.

  2. Click Insert into Page


  • The popup screen will disappear and you’ll be taken back to the Edit Page screen. Notice that the Title of the PDF you set in the Insert Media screen becomes the text hyperlink that leads someone to the PDF.


Styling the PDF Download Link

  • The content area in the new page area can have any text you want. Also you can change the text hyperlink that leads someone to the PDF. Let’s say you want to link the words “download my eBook” to the PDF instead of the text “Testing” that was added automatically.  Go ahead and delete the text “Test”.  Then:

  1. Highlight the words “download my eBook” with your mouse cursor

  2. Click the hyperlink button designated by the chain link


  • The Insert/Edit Link screen will popup.  Paste the Link URL of your PDF here.  Then click Add Link.


  • When you click Add Link the popup will disappear.  Now the text “download my eBook” will be a blue hyperlink.  Some of you may want to go a little further and add an image of a PDF icon that links to the relevant PDF.  Use a Google Search to find an image of the PDF icon you like and save it to your computer.  Then, using the Upload/Insert tool, add the image to the page or post.

  1. Note the blue hyperlink text

  2. Note the image of a PDF icon we’ve added

  • Now we have to link the PDF icon to the actual PDF you want your visitors to go to after clicking on it.  Click the image of the Adobe PDF icon once.  Two options will appear.  One looks like a photograph, this is the Edit Image button.  The other looks like a “no smoking sign”, this is the Delete Image button.  Click the Edit Image button.


  • When you click the Edit Image button a new screen will popup.  Here, you can change the Title of the Adobe Icon if you like.  You can make it anything you like.  Do down to the area labeled Link URL.  Delete the Link that is there by default.  This link will send the visitor to an image file of the Adobe Icon if they click on it.  Instead, you want them to go to the PDF.  Therefore, go ahead and paste the Link URL of your PDF file.  Click Update.  As always, make sure to click Publish Page/Post or Update Page/Post whenever you’re done editing.


  • There you go!