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InfoStream Solutions is committed to supporting our family of businesses during this healthcare crisis.  To help you communicate with your customers and employees, we recommend adding an easy-to-update pop-up message to your website keeping all visitors updated about the current status of your business. 


Current Retainer Customers and Current Hosting Customers:

InfoStream will add this alert to your Wordpress website free of charge over the next few days and your project manager will be in touch.

InfoStream will add this alert to your Wordpress website. We anticipate the cost will be $100, and will communicate directly with you for approval and invoicing.

Our priority is the safety of our employees and customers. Our business is open reduced hours of M-F 11am-3pm, and all departments will continue fully staffed.
Our business is open! Hours M-F 9am-4pm. Our priority is the safety of our customers and our employees. Contact us to reach our team, or use our website to make an appointment/purchase online.

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