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Page Title

Page title is the title of a web page. Page Title is very important in SEO as it is used to display/link search result listings for a website.

Page Views

A page view is a request to load and view a web page. In simpler terms Page views equals to the number of times your WebPages are viewed.


Pagejacking is short form of the term Page hijacking. It is the process in which the content of a highly ranked page is copied and placed on another website in order to increase its rankings.

Page Rank (PR)

Page rank is a numerical value assigned to web pages individually by Google. PageRank is Google's view of relative importance of a page. PageRank is one of the over 200 SEO factors that Google uses to determine search rankings for a page.

Paid Placement

When a website pays to get placement in search engine result pages, its called paid placement. Some search engines accept payment for placement in organic listings while most other do not.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click OR PPC is an online advertising model where advertisers pay search engines per click basis for displaying their ads in search results or other participating websites.


Permalink, as the name suggests, is a permanent, unique static version of a web page URL -- generally a blog post or a forum entry.

Phrase Match

It is one of the keywords matching option when a search in performed. When a search is performed and the ‘Phrase Match’ option is enabled, all the results must include that exact phrase exclusively. There may be however other words before or after that phrase.

Predictive Analysis

At its core, predictive analytics are a way to use machine learning, data mining and similar techniques to accurately predict future performance - all by gaining a better visibility into and understanding over that which you've already done. Essentially, you're analyzing what you already know to be true - meaning information about how your business functions and how it communicates with the world - to make predictions about the future or otherwise unknown events.

Predictive Lead Scoring

It’s a lead scoring methodology which leverages the historical data and predictive analytics. Predictive lead scoring tool helps in creating a list of qualified leads from your database.

Project Owl

It was a major update announced by the Google. The main aim of this project was to eliminate fake news in search results and halt offensive search suggestions. Project Owl gives consumers new ways to report what they perceive as problems in the search results.


Its is a process or service that refers to converting a Photoshop design into XHTML code which is the language in which Web pages are formulated.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are notifications that pop up on one's phone under precise specifications, such as at a specific date and time, or when one enters a certain geographic zone. There are many benefits for businesses who choose to advertise using push notifications.

Pushing the Envelope

Pushing the envelope means to attempt to extend the current limits of performance.