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Markup is the code for creating presentation text, style and layout in web design/development. HTML is an example of most widely used markup language.

Meta Search Engine

It’s a search tool that queries other search engines to produce its own results from the internet. Whenever a user inputs a search query to Meta search engine then simultaneously, it sends the same query to the other third party search engines for results.

Meta Tags

In HTML, a meta tag is meant to describe some aspect of the content of a web page. There exist several different such tags which collectively are called Meta tags. Keywords, and Description tags are example of the same.


Microblogging allows users to broadcast their short messages to other users on a blog or social media websites. Micro blogs are different from traditional blogs and their content is typically smaller in both actual and aggregated file size. Brief content of Microblogging may consist of text, pictures, links, short videos or other media.

Mirror Site

A mirror website is totally identical to the principle website, but it is placed under a different URL. Such sites help in improving access speed, improved availability of the original site by reducing the network traffic on the main website. Mirroring website also helps to preserve a website that is about to be closed or discontinued.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is marketing that uses one's mobile phone to show advertisements, through apps, social networking, or text messages. Users typically opt into these messages, often receiving ongoing discounts as a reward for signing up. There are numerous benefits for businesses who choose to learn how to utilize mobile marketing successfully, including the following.

Mobile First Strategy

It’s a trend in website development in which designing a website for mobile devices, smart phone and tablets take higher priority over desktop web design.

Native Advertising

It’s an online advertisement which matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. Nowadays, native advertising is rapidly becoming a powerful digital marketing strategy.


A News Feed (Newsfeed) is an electronic transmission of News from a digital entity such as a newsgroup, a web application, a website, A computer, or an electronic version of a News journal.

Omni channel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is all about leveraging every opportunity to connect with a customer to your advantage - regardless of where that interaction has to take place. But it's also about so much more than that, and one of the most important ideas is that you're also creating the most consistent and seamless experience possible.

One page Website

A one page website, as the name suggests, is a website that have just one HTML page. Navigation links lead to different sections of content on the same page. A one page website generally utilized horizontal scrolling through the use of JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, or Ajax.

Open Graph Meta Tags

The Open graph protocol allows you to turn your web page or website into a Facebook graph object, which facebook can easily read and parse. Open graph meta tags provide you a way to tell Facebook what images, text, and more to use when sharing your webpage.

Opt-in Marketing

Opt-in marketing is exactly what it sounds like - it's a type of permission marketing where there is some type of formal opt-in process to receive follow-up communications, offers and related messages.

Organic Results

Organic results refers to search engine results displayed in response to a search query, and organized in order of relevance, with the most relevant placed at the top. Organic listings rank based on their merit only, there is no option of paid inclusion in organic listings.

Organic Search

Organic search refers to search results that are generated and ranked based on their quality and merit and are not influenced by any commercial interest or mutual loyalty. Organic search results are generated using computational algorithms and a knowledge base of curated data. All search engines have different algorithms and techniques for generating search results.