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LAMP is an acronym for an open-source web technology stack that consists of - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Linux is an operating system, Apache is a web server, MySQL is a database, and PHP is a server side programming language. It has become very popular because all 4 components of it and very powerful and widely used and yet its entirely free and open-source software.

Landing Page

A landing page, as the name suggest is a page visitors are supposed to land on after they click on an organic search result or a sponsored listing. The quality of landing page is the key factor in the conversion.

Link Building

Link building refers to developing back-links for a website/webpage from other websites/webpages on the web. There are several different techniques used by marketers for link building such as article marketing, PR marketing, social bookmarking, directory submission, forum posting, Ads/classified posting, guest blogging, and more.

Link Farm

A link farm is a group of websites which are hyper-linked to all other website in the group. The purpose of creating a link farm is to inflate link popularity (PR) of the participating websites.

Link Popularity

Link popularity of a website is defined by the number of back-links it gets from other websites/webpages on the web. Link popularity is directly related to Google PR.

Link Spam

Link Spam is an unethical SEO practice in which links are create with the sole purpose of extracting link juice from the linking page. These links are generally out of context and do not add any value.

Long Tail Keywords

These are more specific keyword phrases used by the visitors and have at least three words in the phrase. Such “long tail keywords” have lesser number of search traffic, but they usually have a higher conversion value, as they are closer to point-of-purchase.