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A .htaccess (hypertext access) file is a directory level configuration file for use on a web server like Apache. The dot at the start of the file name keeps it hidden. The .htaccess file provides users a way to modify website configuration settings at the directory level which means these settings will not affect the server configuration. A .htaccess file has the power to affect both speed and security of a website.


Hashtags are community driven conventions to add more metadata to social media, microblogging and they are a prominent part of today’s culture. Simply putting a hashtag helps to categorize the tweets and post according to their theme or content. Simply a word or phrase that starts with a # symbol is known as a hashtag.


A website header is the chunk of information (text + graphics) that shows at the top and remains same throughout the website.

Heading Tags

In HTML heading tags are used to define page/section titles. There are 6 headings from H1 to H6.


A Heatmap is a 2 dimensional representation of user activity related data where individual values are represented by different colors. Usually darker colors mean more activity and lighter colors mean low activity.

Hidden Text

Hidden text is anything written on a webpage that is not quite readable. Hidden text is used for keywords stuffing to deceive search engines.


It's a metric for measuring a web page usage. When a web page is downloaded from a web server, the number of files requested is equal to the 'hits'. Loading 1 page may refer to several hits.


In web terminology, hosting refers to putting files on a web server and making these available on the web.

HTTP 301

HTTP 301 means that the URL requested has moved permanently and has been assigned a new URL.

HTTP 302

HTTP 302 means that the requested URL is temporarily resides on a new/different URL

HTTP 404

HTTP 404 implies that the document requested was not found. This is the most common error.

HTTP 501

The 501 status code message is displayed when the server does not recognize the document request method. The server is not capable of fulfilling this request and states the request was “Not Implemented”.