The Client

Lightning Lockers Toledo Logo - InfoStream Solutions Toledo Web Design and Digital Marketing

Lightning Lockers is an Ohio-based company that sells new and used lockers to schools, industries and health clubs. The company also sells locker accessories.


The Assignment

Lightning Locker’s website was old and outdated. There also were security issues that needed to be addressed. The original plan was to redesign the website and add an online ordering function. New photographs were an important part of the revamped website.

After preliminary meetings, it emerged that Search Engine Optimization [SEO] was going to be a crucial component of the project. Lightning Lockers had been using another company for SEO but decided to have InfoStream assume control of that task as part of a monthly maintenance plan.


The Challenge

The company was getting a lot of inquiries about their lockers from website visitors but most of them were not quality leads. Many of the inquiries were requests for a single locker purchase, which were not profitable because of high freight costs. The challenge was to reduce the number of hits on the website and increase the number of quality inquiries.

Additionally, Lightning Lockers wanted to elevate its presence on Google and separate itself from its competitors by developing a solid SEO strategy that would include their active involvement, something they had never done.

Finally, the company strives to develop close relationships with general contractors on construction projects requiring substantial new locker orders. So the website needed to portray Lightning Lockers as a legitimate and established presence in the field.

The Results

The newly designed and programmed website has been a success on a number of levels. Most significant:

  • InfoStream trained Lightning Lockers’ personnel to update the website themselves. This allowed them to immediately post photos of lockers for sale and take them down quickly when sold – something they could not previously do.
  • With SEO strategy firmly in play, Lightning Lockers was able to incorporate Google-friendly keywords into the content they produced. This dramatically improved the response rate of people visiting the website along with elevating the company on Google’s first page search list.

Overall, the website is easier to navigate and more user-friendly.


The Aftermath

Lightning Lockers is on a monthly maintenance contract with InfoStream. This includes meetings during which SEO-related and other tasks are assigned to Lightning Lockers to keep their website current in all areas and relevant to Google. InfoStream’s strategy, which stresses active participation by their clients, has resulted in a strong and active partnership and is a major reason for the project’s success.