The Client

mosser construction

The Mosser Group is the parent company of one of Ohio’s leading construction companies, Mosser Construction, Inc., as well as its two other construction-related subsidiaries, Telamon Construction, Inc. and Contractors Equipment, Inc. Mosser Construction, founded in 1948, is a general contractor, construction manager and design/builder, specializing in industrial, commercial and educational projects. The company, headquartered in Fremont, Ohio, also does a high volume of highway/bridge, waste water and water treatment projects.

the assignment

The Assignment

Although Mosser Construction is a technologically savvy company, its previous website did not reflect its progressiveness. It was static, non- interactive and did not adequately promote the company’s project experience, services, people or culture. Prospective clients or job seekers had no way to connect with Mosser on its website. The company also wanted to engage more with the community and develop a platform for shared information, but did not have a social media presence such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Telamon Construction, Inc. and Contractors Equipment, Inc. were also in need of new websites. Additionally, the decision to create a website for The Mosser Group was made since one did not previously exist. With Mosser Construction’s project being the first priority, the creation of these three websites followed completion of Mosser Construction’s website and social media pages.

The Project

After interviewing a number of website design companies, The Mosser Group chose InfoStream Solutions to build four new websites – one for each of The Mosser Group companies – and develop a social media presence for Mosser Construction. Following several meetings with Mosser, a digital marketing strategy was developed and the InfoStream team worked with Mosser on covering design, content, programming, SEO and social media. As with all its clients, InfoStream developed a timeline detailing all assignments and deadline dates. A constant flow of communication between Mosser and the InfoStream team ensued and continued until the project was completed.

the result

The Results

The project was a success on a number of levels. The look of all four websites improved dramatically with clear, distinct and visitor-friendly designs and content. The addition of Facebook and LinkedIn to the Mosser Construction website had an immediate impact. The company’s recruitment program was greatly enhanced through Facebook, LinkedIn and the posting of job openings and on-line employment applications on the website. The response from website visitors has been overwhelmingly positive. Equally significant was the effectiveness of the InfoStream process. The Mosser Group was impressed with the constant availability of all its InfoStream team members for project updates and to answer any questions. Since Mosser had little experience in the world of website design, programming and social media, InfoStream’s ability to explain each step of the process in an easy-to-understand manner was a huge plus. Most impressive, InfoStream met all deadlines and the project was completed on time.

The Outcome

“InfoStream did everything they said they would do. And they did it fantastically,” said The Mosser Group’s Karen Boedeker.