The Client

steamex Eastern

Steamex-Eastern has been a top carpet cleaner in Northwest Ohio for over 20 years providing quality carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, and restorative services for residential and commercial cleaning needs. As a small, local individual business, it is easy to be intimidated by competitors that have bigger budgets, more established brands, and bigger teams.

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The Assignment

Despite larger brands ability to outspend a smaller company, Steamex reached out to InfoStream to increase their visibility as a smaller company. InfoStream knows that anytime a business owner creates content, it has an authority and credibility that both other sites and Google love. Sharing insights and expertise through onsite content can allow the generation of more traffic to a business’ site, as well as market it out to other sites such as news sources, partner websites and industry publications to earn high-value links and increased visibility.

the challenge

The Challenge

In order to be chosen over franchises and larger companies, Steamex realized they needed to get their message out. InfoStream’s team recognizes that SEO must be an ongoing effort and offered Internet Marketing services to Steamex-Eastern. SEO is a strategic way to not only make a quality website, but to encourage Google to better rank and list a business’ website.

The Project

A few important factors for SEO include quality content, proper website structure/navigation, keywords and linking. InfoStream identified the message that spoke to Steamex’s small business and would allow them a standout in the local market. InfoStream focused on Steamex’s customer service and personal approach all while offering green solutions because they care about our environment. The water system that Steamex uses brings in clean water and ensures safer options for one’s home. Steamex’s personal take on their services offered the ability to compete with larger businesses and big carpet cleaners.

the result

The Results

InfoStream maintains a continual focus on Steamex, which has helped Steamex maintain a top 3 position in Google rankings. Steamex’s initial goals were to gain new customers, see a return on investment and grow their business. Due to the SEO efforts of InfoStream, these goals were all met and Steamex-Eastern is very pleased with the results!

The Outcome

Once the website was completed, Steamex saw such an expansion in their customer base that Steamex needed to hire more employees and purchase more trucks. Going forward, Steamex plans to continue to working with InfoStream to stand out as a small business in the local market. With InfoStream’s change in keyword tactics and an overhauled content plan, Steamex was able to dramatically increase their results.

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