The Client


The Spiratex Company has been a leader in custom plastic extrusion. The Michigan manufacturer pioneered the extrusion process for UHMW/PE, setting industry standards that are used in markets around the world. The Spiratex Company has proudly maintained ISO 9001 certification since 1999. The Spiratex Company ensures quality meets their high standards, and exceeds their customers’ expectations by monitoring the production process through statistical process control.

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The Assignment

When you think about manufacturers, you usually do not think about cutting-edge internet marketers. A few years ago, the Spiratex Company wanted to change that perception. They identified three goals that they wanted to reach with the help of an outside tech partner – to generate new leads, have an increase on return on investment (ROI) and grow their business. When selecting the outside company to collaborate with, the Spiratex Company found it essential to review what that company would create and distribute online, all while holding themselves accountable for results. This brought the Spiratex Company to InfoStream Solutions. The InfoStream Solutions’ internet marketing team approaches digital marketing strategies with a customized approach for each client. The belief that online marketing should not be a one-size-fits-all plan is why Spiratex knew InfoStream Solutions would help them reach their goals.

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The Challenge

The Spiratex Company needed a new website and wanted to find a new way to communicate with their existing customers – a way to support the relationship between their clients and support staff. This need was met right away and the active customer base found how easy it was to communicate with the sales team at the Spiratex Company.

The Project

In addition to this initial need, InfoStream Solutions identified that the product that Spiratex Company offered had a lot of internet traffic, especially by those not captured by the current client list. InfoStream Solutions’ internet marketing team developed a customized, layered digital marketing plan. They started with search engine marketing (for example – google ads), next they added email marketing and search engine optimization.  Regarding the discovery of additional needs, Ian Pardonnet from Spiratex Company said he was thankful for the weekly communications with the team at InfoStream. “We have a lot of weekly communications and they get back in a timely manner. Everything is clear and you are not left wondering what the company is doing on their end. It’s easy to work with InfoStream; they are friendly, down-to-earth people and I know what to expect from them and they know what to expect from me.”

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The Results

As they initially promised, after 3 months the InfoStream Solutions’ internet marketing team was able to show the Spiratex Company real results and trackable, viable leads. The sales team at Spiratex recognized a better lead pool from their website.  InfoStream Solutions’ customized lead tracking reporting gave complete visibility of their digital marketing activity and results. InfoStream’s internet marketing services provided effective marketing and consistent information and messages to Spiratex customers. The Spiratex Company found an increase in online traffic to their website. As a result, the Spiratex Company saw a 254% increase in ROI.

The Spiratex Company set out to reach three goals, to get new clients, increase their ROI and grow business. InfoStream helped to accomplish each goal and will continue to help the Spiratex Company be a successful manufacturer with a strong online presence. Because of this partnership, the Spiratex Company had their best sales in 65 years of business!

The Outcome

When looking towards the future relationship between Spiratex and InfoStream, Ian Pardonnet of the Spiratex Company said the good news is they just renewed their contract. “Going forward we are looking to add more content to the site and making it even more user-friendly.  We see results because of our relationship with InfoStream and are looking to having a long-term relationship with them as long as we do!”

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