The Client

Janitorial Manager develops work management software systems for janitorial service companies and businesses with their own custodial operations. Their management system includes scheduling, inventory management, project bidding aids and messaging apps.


The Situation

In a niche market with only a handful of competitors, Janitorial Manager wanted to elevate its Internet presence to gain more market share. Their website was only generating on average two leads a week. Their marketing staff is small and did not have the time or experience to develop a campaign to bring in more leads.

Being relatively new to the market, Janitorial Manager was aggressively upgrading its software on a weekly basis. These upgrades gave it a leading edge that the marketing team wanted to promote.


The Project

Janitorial Manager retained InfoStream to help develop an Internet marketing campaign. After an initial briefing, which included background on Janitorial Manager’s target audience, InfoStream determined that a Google Ads campaign would be the best and most cost-effective method of boosting the company’s Internet presence.

Janitorial Manager provided InfoStream with an initial list of key Google search words, and InfoStream’s programmers conducted additional research to validate which keywords would work best. This data was used to develop first drafts of the Google Ads. Janitorial Manager’s marketing team tweaked the ads they felt were viable and discarded the rest. After some additional back-and-forth on the ad content, the campaign was launched.

The Results

The Google Ads campaign was an immediate and smashing success. New leads quickly doubled. Within a year, new leads climbed on average to one per day, with weekend traffic especially busy.

As its business has grown through its Google Ads campaign, Janitorial Manager has been able to add to its marketing efforts in other areas and enhanced its website.

Most importantly, the Google Ads campaign has allowed Janitorial Manager to promote its constant custodial management software upgrades, separating itself from its competitors and growing its market share.


The Aftermath

Janitorial Manager has retained InfoStream on a monthly maintenance contract that focuses on the Google Ads campaign. The companies have monthly meetings during which new ideas are discussed and implemented.

As a result of this collaboration, the keywords used in Janitorial Manager’s Google Ads have become more refined, resulting in even greater website traffic and additional new business leads.