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What use is a sword for you, if you can't wield it? Websites are a tool to get business. In any form you perceive. Either you want traffic, sales or brand positioning, your website must get it. Yet, if you look at the conversion rates of even the best websites they are less than one percent. It is really tough out there.


Visitors come, don't get what they want and leave. It is so hard to attract business. You spend a fortune on ads, marketing, and referrals for this. The customers come but fail to convert. The conversion rates of low performing websites are in fractions of a percent. This is a big failure at someplace. Yet, the most any company is concerned about while getting a new website is Web Design. Visual appeal is a very important factor. It works as a binder, but it is not enough to do the job.


Website Usability is one of the most important factors in the success of a website. Yet, most of the time it isn't on the radar. It just falls into place by accident. But, can you leave your business upon chance or happenstance? Do you expect your customer to do all the exploration? Will this work in the best interest of your business? The answers to all these questions is a big and bold 'NO'. It isn't a surprise. You want the best for your business. Ignoring the usability can harm your website's ability to get business.


It must guide the visitors to their goal. Help them in exploration. The design must be intuitive. It must guess and prioritize the functions. If your Web Design is doing these things then it has a higher chance of success.


Some important elements to increase the Website Usability are:


Clear the Clutter

'The more the merrier' may be good for your marketplace strategy but it can be a disaster in Building a Website. Too many page elements on a web page can confuse a visitor. You must have a clearly defined goal for a web page. You want a subscription, lead, conversion, or sale. It must be clear. You cannot be expecting the visitor to perform all the actions at the same time. Are you? If not then why to put all the links in one place. Clearly defined pages lead the visitor to a set goal without confusion. Organize things leading to a single goal and enrich them. This helps the reader in remaining focused.


If You Mean Business, Say It

Modesty is a virtue, unsuitable for businesses. Your website is speaking volumes about you yet customer has to struggle to figure out what your intents are? This means unclear goals. Call to action is important. It must be clear. Your purpose should not be a mystery. Your website is not the right place to be modest. Place call to action buttons in plain sight.


The Means Must Lead to the End

The End Justifies the means is a very old saying. Yet, the customer cannot be driven to it forcibly. The customer is in doubt and exploring. It is the job of your website to lead the customer to the end goal persuasively. If sales are the end, the remaining pages must convey to the customer the qualities of the product and not just pester to buy it. Every page cannot be the product page. But, each can pitch the customer. Give them the experience to cherish. Make yourself more believable and convincing.


Don't Serve Apples When Asked for Oranges

It is atrocious that sometimes one just can't reach the place they want to go. It's like dying of thirst in the middle of an ocean. It is nefarious. Your website must show the customer a clear path. Have a good navigation system and a sitemap. The keyword search on the website must work. It must not lead them to nowhere. You are bound to lose business in that case.


Stand Out, Be Different

It doesn't hurt to be different at times and look unique. In a Web Design, it can be a quality to die for. To be a brand you need to be impressive and memorable. A different design, great content and better visuals can give a great appeal to your website. Yes, it is an important thing to consider when Building a Website.


Engage the User, Build a Relationship

The more time the user spends on your website the higher the chances are of conversion. Engage the user, make the user enjoy the tangible elements on the page. The better the presentation of the information on the page, higher the engagement will be. The greater the user feels a connection with your website, the better the chances of return will be. You can get loyal users like this.
A Web Design must keep the visitors engage and provide useful information. It must persuade them of your good intentions and help them in things they are looking for. If your website is not doing this then it is a critical mission failure.