Meet the Team

Welcome to InfoStream Solutions, where our creative team is the core of our success. The commitment and passion of each team member is what makes our work exciting, innovative, and creative. We help our clients- from small local businesses to large national businesses – achieve success online. Call any of us today, we’d love to tell you about what we do!

Tim Saddoris, President

(567) 686-1040 x210

Andrea Simmons, Chief Operating Officer

(567) 686-1040 x220

Andy Boren, Creative Director

(567) 686-1040 x230

Deepak Kumar,
Director of Search Marketing

(567) 686-1040

Lance Pioch
Web Developer

(567) 686-1040

Leia Stechschulte
Project Manager

(567) 686-1040

Hendra Sunaryanto
Web Developer

(567) 686-1040

Erick Guzman

Tracy Cox

(567) 686-1040

Nichole Langley
Project Manager & Social Media Specialist

(567) 318-2139

Karen Black
Resource Manager

Kennedy Schwartz
Marketing Assistant

Angie Hafner
Project Manager

Julie Woods
Project Manager